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Combination Campaigns (Host-Read Sponsorships + Pre-Recorded Ads)
Combination Campaigns (Host-Read Sponsorships + Pre-Recorded Ads)

What are Combination Campaigns and its benefits

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What are Combination Campaigns

These campaigns are a combination of the two main types of podcast ad formats: pre-recorded ads and host-read sponsorships.

Combination campaigns have proven to be significantly more effective than single-format campaigns, so they are the recommended choice for advertisers looking to maximize impact and overall performance.

Acast makes it easy to launch combination campaigns in its self-serve advertising platform, just select ‘Combination Campaign’ when you create a new campaign and you’ll be guided through the setup process.

Why Choose Combination Campaigns

Pre-recorded ads and host-read sponsorships both have their unique benefits, so combining ad formats into one campaign gives you the best of both worlds to maximize effectiveness.

A study by Acast showed that adding pre-recorded ads to a sponsorship campaign resulted in:

  • 61% increase in brand awareness/familiarity

  • 26% increase in brand favorability

  • 14% increase in purchase intent

Acast Intelligence analysis of 61 global brand lift studies using Attest

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