Host-read Sponsorships

What are host-read sponsorships and their benefits

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What are host-read Sponsorships?

Host-read Sponsorships are longer, editorialized commercial messages delivered by the podcasters themselves. Brands and advertisers can work with podcast hosts ranging from household names to niche influencers, to deliver native, creative, and authentic audio advertising. You may also hear these referred to as ‘live-reads’.

Sponsorships are typically a 60-second ad but can run to a couple of minutes in length.

Acast’s podcast network has over 100,000 shows to choose from, so there’s a perfect podcast for every advertiser.

Sponsorships sound like an organic part of a podcast, where the podcaster puts your brief and messaging into their own words and style, which makes for an improved listening experience for the podcast’s audience—making them more likely to be engaged with the products or services they’re talking about.

Why Should I Choose Host-Read Sponsorships


The host-read sponsorship approach brings a personal touch to commercial messaging, creating a more authentic connection between the podcast host and podcast listeners. Listeners tend to trust the host's recommendations and perceive them as genuine endorsements, which can increase the effectiveness of the sponsorship.


Host-read sponsorships often include storytelling or conversational elements, grabbing the listener’s attention and keeping them engaged with the advertiser’s message. The host can share personal experiences or relevant stories related to the sponsored product or service, capturing the audience's attention and holding their interest.

Increased brand awareness

Regular listeners tend to develop a relationship with the podcast host, and their positive association with the host can extend to the sponsor—what's often called a "halo effect". Host-read sponsorships can help create brand awareness and build a positive brand image through the host's influence and rapport with the audience.

Creativity and customization

Host-read sponsorships offer their own creative spin in delivering the advertiser’s message, relating to their usual content and format. Advertisers can work with podcast hosts to tailor the sponsorship messages to fit the style and tone of the show, making the ad feel more natural and less intrusive.

Overall, host-read sponsorships are so popular in podcast advertising because they leverage the host's credibility, engagement, and relationship with the audience to deliver effective advertising messages. By integrating the sponsorships into the podcast content, they create a more organic and impactful advertising experience.

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