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Host-Read Sponsorship Guidelines & Commitments
Host-Read Sponsorship Guidelines & Commitments

Important details regarding host-read sponsorship opportunities

Updated over a week ago

Great news, your podcast has been selected for a host-read sponsorship opportunity. We've sent the details, including information about the brand and campaign, to your email. We understand that everyone's schedule can be quite busy, so we kindly ask for your thoughts and feedback within the next 72 hours.

If there are scheduling concerns, existing commitments, or any reservations about the brand, please let us know. Your input aids our team, including the wider Acast Sales Team, in refining our approach.

A few mutual commitments to note:

  • Adherence to the provided timeline.

  • Understanding and following the campaign brief.

  • Maintaining your regular episode releases.

  • Avoiding overlapping sponsorships on your podcast or other platforms.

  • Keeping all involved parties informed and in agreement with terms.

By moving forward, you acknowledge understanding of the campaign details. For any questions, we're here to help.

Thank you for considering this partnership.

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