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My Acast website is returning a "404 Not Found" error
My Acast website is returning a "404 Not Found" error

Having trouble accessing your website?

Updated over a week ago

We automatically generate an Acast website for your show, but if you are getting a "404 Not Found" when accessing it, it could be because we are missing a show alias. It's easily updated!

Please note that once the alias has been set, it's not possible to change it. So make sure that you are spelling the alias correctly and that it's reflecting your show name.

How to set a show alias for your show

  1. Navigate to the show's Settings page and look for the "Podcast RSS feed" field. If this field is not editable, you already have an alias set and it's not possible to update.

  2. If you can edit this field, add your preferred show alias and it will tell you right away if it's available

    1. You can't use uppercase letters or special characters except "-" when adding your alias.

  3. Click "Save" at the bottom of the screen.

When you navigate to your show website ( it should now work as expected. If it still return an error, try refreshing the page. Otherwise let us know if the chat and we are happy to help!

What if I'm rebranding my show?

Giving yourself a new name and a fresh look? If you are looking to rebrand your show, you can do it by accessing your Settings page, where you can change your podcast's name, show art, and description. This will update the RSS feed automatically for all your existing listeners as well as newcomers. However, your RSS feed URL will remain the same (luckily, this isn't something listeners and followers really see on their end).

If you are looking to customize your domain even further we allow Ace plan users to add a custom domain.

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