It's really simple to edit your show and episode details through Acast's dashboard, which provides direct control over the tags in your RSS feed. 

For example, changing the 'Subtitle' field on Acast will automatically change the <itunes:subtitle> tag in your RSS feed. Almost any detail or tag can be changed, including your title, description, keywords, and author status.

Editing your show

Go to your show on Acast, and click the Settings tab.

  • Title (e.g.: The Lost Art of Liner Notes)

  • Subtitle (e.g: An in-depth, track-by-track journey behind great albums with the artists that made them)

  • Summary (longer description which can include links)

  • Podcast Type (Episodic or Serial)

  • Explicit (or clean)

  • Custom RSS feed URL (to have a vanity URL at the end of your feed)

  • Categories (e.g., Arts, News, Culture, Sports, TV, etc.)

  • Keywords (search terms related to your show)

  • Link (the URL of your website, if you have one)

  • Language

  • Author 

  • Copyright

  • Owner Name 

  • Owner Email

Any changes you make will be automatically reflected in your Acast podcast RSS feed. You can also delete your show in the advanced section at the bottom. If you delete your show, it will also delete all episodes, and they can not be recovered.

Editing your episode

Similarly, to edit your show, simply go to that Episode and click the Settings tab.

From there you'll be able to edit any fields you like:

  • Title of your episode

  • Subtitle (one line describing the episode)

  • Summary (a longer description of the episode, can include links)

  • Link (optional: if you have a specific web page for the episode)

  • Season (not required—only if you separate your show into seasons)

  • Episode # (as above)

  • Episode Alias (a vanity or custom name for the episode URL)

  • Episode Type (Full episode, Trailer, or Bonus)

  • Explicit (if your episode includes explicit content)

  • Publish Date (Change the date your episode is published)

You can also delete your episode in the advanced section at the bottom. If you delete your episode, it can not be recovered.

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