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How to redirect your podcast, cancel your subscription or delete your account
How to redirect your podcast, cancel your subscription or delete your account

How to move away from Acast, or simply downgrade your plan or delete your podcaster account with us

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Redirect your show from Acast

Your account will not be deleted and canceled automatically when setting the redirect!

If you wish to delete your account after redirecting, please check the instructions below and send a request 2 weeks after redirecting.

In order to redirect your show to another host please follow these steps:
1. Go to your Show Settings > Show redirection.
2. Copy your RSS feed from your new host, paste it in, and click "save". After setting the redirect, you need to publish new episodes from your new host.

**Note: Please do not use another Acast RSS feed. This field is for your new RSS from a different provider.

3. If you are monetising with Acast ads: reach out to us through chat before importing your show at your new host, we will help disable dynamic ads so you may import an ad-free feed.

Cancel your subscription

You can cancel your subscription with Acast at any time. Any subscription fees already paid will not be refunded.

To cancel your subscription, head to your Subscription page and confirm "Cancel Plan".
At the end of the already paid period, your account will automatically switch to our free Starter plan.

Your Subscription page can be accessed this way:

  1. Log into your Acast account

  2. From your personal menu on the top right corner, navigate to "Subscription"

*To upgrade or downgrade your subscription, please select 'change subscription'.

Delete your Acast podcaster account

If you decide to delete your Acast account, please review our terms of service first. If you still wish to proceed, visit your Acast profile page and click the ‘Request account deletion’ button to begin the process.

We will delete your account, along with all podcast audio and data we host for you.

Any paying plan will stop at the moment of deletion.

If you're close to the subscription date renewal, we recommend you cancel your subscription before to ensure you will not be billed while your deletion request is addressed.

If you are an Acast+ listener, you can manage and cancel your subscription from

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