So you’re switching to Acast. Smart choice! But how do you do it?

Acast makes it as easy as possible to move your episodes, show notes and followers with zero downtime.

1. Import your RSS feed on Acast

2. Redirect your feed from Buzzsprout to Acast

To redirect your feed, you need to tell Buzzsprout your new Acast feed URL. Write an email to and tell them to redirect your feed. Here's a sample email for you to customize.

Please perform a 301 redirect for my show ENTER YOUR SHOW NAME and point it to my new feed,

  • Important Note: We recommend that you keep your account with Buzzsprout for   2 weeks after redirecting to Acast to ensure that everything moves over smoothly. After that you can cancel your service.

Checking if your redirect worked:

  • Open your web browser, enter your old RSS feed URL, and hit enter. If the redirect is working, you will automatically be taken to your new feed URL at

  • If it doesn't work right away, don't be alarmed. Wait ten minutes, clear your browser cache (or open in incognito/private mode) and try again. If the problem continues, please email us.

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