So you’re switching to Acast Open. Smart choice! But how do you do it?

1. Import your RSS feed to Acast Open

If you haven’t already done it, create an account with Acast Open and log in. Choose to "create a show", then "import an existing podcast" and search for your show as illustrated below:

  • Once you’ve hit the import button, your new Acast Open RSS feed URL will appear, which you can customize. It will be something like  
  • This is your Acast Open feed URL. Copy it to your clipboard.

To ensure that the redirect is active, open your web browser and enter the address of your old feed URL, and hit enter. You should be taken automatically to your new feed URL at

2. Redirect your feed

You can read Apple's guidelines directly here:

Set your web server to return an HTTP 301 redirect to your new Acast Open Feed URL.
Acast Open will insert the <itunes:new-feed-url> tag directly.

3. Update your podcast feed in Apple Podcasts Connect

Log in into Apple Podcasts Connect and update your podcast with the new Acast Open feed URL as illustrated below:

Upon saving, Apple Podcasts Connect will update your RSS feed URL and display your podcast in the dashboard along with the Scheduled for Update status. 

Allow up to 24 hours for the change to appear on the iTunes Store.

Remember: it’s important that you keep your redirect in place for about 4 weeks after switching to ensure that the redirect is successful and permanent.

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