At Acast for Ace users, we let you choose your own feed URL. This will give you better control over your podcast brand identity, and it can be done in just a few steps.

For this example, we'll assume you have a domain called and that you'd like to have podcast  as the subdomain. Then  will show your Acast website, and  will show your RSS feed.

  1. Select your own root domain, or subdomain you want to use.

  2. Contact us via intercom (the little chat bubble at the bottom of our Acast app) and let us know which domain you want to use. We will add it to our system.

  3. Log into your DNS provider and add a CNAME record pointing to from your preferred subdomain.

Using GoDaddy:

If you use NameCheap, choose Advanced DNS, and enter these values.

That's it! Your website will shortly be available at

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