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Using the Sponsorships Marketplace
Using the Sponsorships Marketplace

Finding the right podcasts to sponsor is easy with the Sponsorships Marketplace.

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Filters and Search:

Target Market: The country we show weekly listens for. If you select "United Kingdom" you will see the weekly listens for each podcast that are from UK audiences. We default this to your home market.

Categories: Categories can represent the theme of a podcast, and also the type of audience that listens to it. For example - Categories for the show The Ancients include Curious Thinkers, History, and Education & Learning

Show Language: The language in which the podcasts are presented. You can use this to target specific language podcasts in certain countries. For example, you may want to target Spanish-speaking podcasts in the United States. If using the default "Any" setting, you may see a podcast that is in a language different from your selected market, this is because it has listeners in that market (for example, a Swedish-language podcast can show up in the UK market because it has a following there).

Search: Search through podcast titles, show descriptions, and keywords. This is a good way to find a specific show by title.

Sort by Price: Your default view sorts shows from highest to lowest prices. If you're looking for affordable shows and hidden gems, try sorting from least to most.

Show Details:

When you click "View details" for a podcast, you will open a pop-up that provides detailed information about that podcast. This includes:

Release Frequency: How often the show releases new episodes

Weekly listens for selected country: The average weekly listens, across all episodes (new & older) for the show

Price per week: This is the estimated minimum spend to book a sponsorship for one week. It takes into account the CPM for the show in the chosen market and the estimated weekly impressions. When you submit a sponsorship proposal, you will receive a media plan that includes the specific CPM and a more exact estimate of weekly impressions.

Audience Crossover: Found a show you love? You can see which other podcasts that show's audience listens to and the size of the weekly audience

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