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Amazon Music: ad-free listening
Amazon Music: ad-free listening
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Learn more about adding your podcast to Amazon Music and Audible here.

A big part of our mission at Acast is to help you, as podcasters, get paid for your work in as many different ways as possible. One of these is by giving your listeners the option to listen ad-free, should they wish to.

We have entered into a partnership with Amazon Music to do just that, and for you to earn money as a result. Amazon Music has purchased all the ad inventory across a large range of Acast-hosted shows on the Amazon Music platform — and is delivering those shows ad-free to Prime members and Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers.

Is my podcast a part of the arrangement?

Likely yes, but not all shows are included at this time. We hope to add all shows throughout the year.

Essentially, if you meet the requirements of Acast’s ad marketplace, this could mean passive income for you. Every time a Prime member or Amazon Music Unlimited subscriber listens to your show on the Amazon Music platform, you’ll accrue payment in the same way you would with an ad buy.

This does not change anything else in your podcast’s ecosystem: listening and advertising across other apps and platforms continues as normal.

How much will I make from this deal?

For qualified podcasters, revenue will depend on the number of listens you get on Amazon Music’s platform from their Amazon Prime/Music Unlimited subscribers, and as indicated, listens on Amazon Music are typically about 1% of a show’s total listens.

We can’t provide specific projections as they will vary monthly with your listens on the platform, but you can check your current listens on Amazon Music within your Insights dashboard on Acast for a general idea.

When will I start receiving payouts from Amazon Music?

It will be part of your usual payouts, as long as you meet the minimum threshold for payouts.

Will this impact my revenue negatively?

No. Amazon is buying out all ad slots on these shows on their app, so think of it as a regular ad buy.

Can I opt out?

Yes, please reach out to Acast support via the support chat bubble.

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