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Why can't I submit my show to Youtube music?
Why can't I submit my show to Youtube music?
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Submitting your podcast to YouTube music or adding the show to your YouTube Studio account isn't yet supported. We are actively working with YouTube to find solutions that will allow for passthrough of content in the future. What this means is that Acast is exploring options to ensure that podcasts can be hosted on YouTube Music without re-hosting or ad interference, while respecting creators' rights and monetization arrangements.

Here are some of the reasons why YouTube Music is unable to ingest your episodes:

Re-hosting Content

YouTube Music re-hosts the podcast episodes submitted to their platform. This means that the Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) ads, which are a source of revenue for creators, won't run on these re-hosted episodes. As a result, creators will not earn money from listens on YouTube Music, and this may potentially divert listeners away from platforms where they can generate premium podcast revenue.

Exclusive Monetization Rights

Acast has exclusive monetization rights to podcasts hosted with them. When content is re-hosted on YouTube Music, it can disrupt the monetization structure that creators have in place on Acast. This is an important consideration to ensure creators are not unfairly impacted.

Ad-Free Requirement

YouTube Music requires all submitted podcasts to be ad-free. However, Acast cannot guarantee that episodes will be ad-free since the ads present in the original episodes may still be cached by YouTube Music. This practice violates YouTube Music's Terms and Conditions.

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