Campaign under-delivery

Why is my campaign not delivering as it should?

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What is under-delivery?

When we forecast an ad campaign, we use both real-time and historical data to be as accurate as possible — making an educated guess on how likely that campaign is to deliver in full. In most cases we're pretty good at this, but sometimes circumstances change and campaigns don't get the impressions we thought they would.

What can you do?

Your campaign period can be extended. This means we push the end date of your campaign a bit into the future. Since this is not yet available automatically, you can contact us in the Intercom chat and we'll assist you.

If your campaign end date has already passed, the easiest thing is to book a new campaign using the same targeting and creative message.

But you don't need to do anything. We will never charge you for more than we deliver — so, if you're ok with a slightly lower delivery, just let your campaign run.

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