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Signing up to Self serve
Create an account for Acast's self-serve ad platform
Create an account for Acast's self-serve ad platform

How to get access and create podcast ads with Acast's self-serve ad platform

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Signing up

To sign up to Acast's self-serve ad platform: visit the signup form, enter an email address, the name of your business, and the country where its registered.

NOTE: We will email you a link to redeem the invite, so you will require access to the inbox of the email you supply. Please check your junk/spam folder.

Next, you will be taken through the onboarding process where you will create a password and log in for the first time — the process takes less than a minute.

Limited access

Once you've gained access, you can start exploring the self-serve platform and get familiar with Acast's show inventory and targeting capabilities. However, to launch your first podcast campaign there is one more thing to do.

In order to book a campaign you will need to supply more information about your business. Just click the banner (shown above) at the top of the screen in the self-serve platform.

Supplying additional company information

Fill out the form (shown above) with your business information.

Contact information.

  • Your name and phone number.

  • An email address address where Acast can reach you. This can be a different email than you log in with.

Business Information

  • Supply information about your business. We use this information to validate your business, so ensure that it's filled out accurately as this speeds up this review process.

Describe your company brand of product

There are three types of company types in Acast self-serve. We use this information to set up your legal record correctly but also to tailor the experience to best fit your needs.

  • Brand: you have a business and you want to advertise your own product or service.

  • Agency: you are buying on behalf of another brand or company.

  • Podcaster: you are podcaster or a podcast publisher and you want to promote your show(s).

Describing your brand

Acast ad delivery relies on a set of business categories called IAB categories. These categories are used to match your business against podcaster categories to ensure brand safety. It's important to select the categories that best describe your business. If categories mismatch you risk of being denied when booking an ad campaign.

You can read more about the IAB taxonomy here.

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