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Ad Manager: Creating a new Advertiser
Ad Manager: Creating a new Advertiser

How to create and edit an Advertiser

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Advertiser represents a company or individual that pays to promote their product or service within your podcast. It is one of the required fields needed in order to create a campaign in Ad Manager.

The Advertiser field serves two purposes:

  1. Minimize ad clashing by selecting the appropriate IAB category to ensure that no two similar ads run back-to back (e.g. two bank ads)

  2. Allow you to run impression reports across multiple campaigns at once that have the same Advertiser

You can create an Advertiser by selecting the "Advertiser" tab at the top and clicking on the blue "New Advertiser" button. After adding the name and website, please select the appropriate IAB categories that may apply to each advertiser. Click on the "Create Advertiser" button to complete the process.

NOTE: An Advertiser may have multiple categories that they fit under. Please take note to add as many relevant categories as possible in order to ensure that the Ad Clashing logic works as intended.

Once created, you can edit an existing Advertiser by clicking on the name and then the "Edit" button in the lower right corner.

Additional Information about Ad Manager:

While we strive to provide value to all our clients, Ad Manager is currently only accessible to eligible partners. If you are a Creator Network Partner, you can inquire with your Partner Manager for further information. If you don’t have a Partner Manager at Acast, Ad Manager will not be available. 

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