Campaign dashboard

What does the status of campaigns mean?

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Once your campaign starts, you can monitor the delivery in the Campaign dashboard. Clicking on your campaign opens an overview where the delivery details are displayed.

Your campaign can have several statuses.




Your campaign is still in draft mode and has not been submitted.

Pending forecast

Acast is currently forecasting your budget spending estimate based on your targeting.

Review forecast

A forecast is ready for you to review.

Expired forecast

A forecast is only valid for 24 hours, and has now expired. You’ll need to request a new one.

Pending ad approval…

Acast is currently in the process of listening to your ad.

Ad rejected

Acast has not approved your ad. Specifications as to why it was rejected have been communicated to you via email.

Scheduled for <date>

Your campaign is approved and will start on your chosen date.

Campaign currently live

Your campaign is live and Acast is delivering it to listeners.

Campaign completed

The campaign has been completed and you will shortly receive a delivery report.

Campaign stopped

You have stopped your campaign.

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