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Can I change my custom RSS feed URL?
Can I change my custom RSS feed URL?
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Your RSS feed is the foundation of your podcast. You can read more about the importance of your RSS feed URL, where to find it, and how Acast's differs from other platforms here. However, you may be wondering if it's possible to change your feed for a number of purposes. The answer is sometimes. So, let's discuss it.

Can I change my RSS feed URL?

If you are importing your show from another host, you won't be able to update your URL. However, when setting up a new show, it's possible to edit the RSS feed URL to something that is more readable. Keep in mind that the new URL can only contain alphanumeric characters and dashes. It can’t be longer than 60 characters.

In order to update your RSS Feed, please go to your show settings> Settings tab > Custom RSS feed URL. If this is already grayed out you will not be able to change your address, since we are using these internally.

Acast custom RSS feed URL for your podcast

What if I'm rebranding my podcast?

Giving yourself a new name and a fresh look? If you are looking to rebrand your show, you can do it by accessing your Settings page, where you can change your podcast's name, show art, and description. This will update the RSS feed automatically for all your existing listeners as well as newcomers. However, your RSS feed URL will remain the same (luckily, this isn't something listeners and followers really see on their end).

If you are looking to customize your domain even further we allow Ace plan users to add a custom domain.

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