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How to listen to a secure podcast feed
How to listen to a secure podcast feed
Set up your podcast app to listen to a Patreon or secure member RSS feed
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You've become a member of a private podcast, and now you'd like to listen to it. Here's how! If you don't already have a podcast app installed, you must start by installing a podcast app onto the device you'd like to listen with.

Connect to your private RSS feed

If you are a member of a Patreon Creator's podcast, then you will be given access to a secure RSS feed, powered by Acast: this RSS feed is like your key to get these private episodes. You can find your personal RSS feed link in the Memberships section of your Patreon member dashboard, if the Creator is offering it for your tier.

Alternatively, you may be directed to it using a Subscribe Link that the Creator shared with you, like this Subscribe Link for the Football Ramble Patreon show:

Once you click the "Connect to RSS Feed" button or the Subscribe Link, you will be prompted to sign in with your Patreon login details to confirm that you are a member. Then you'll be presented with a handy list of podcast apps to listen to the show.

If the app you click is installed on your device, it will automatically open and help you subscribe to the RSS feed. For example, here's a video below of someone opening an email with the Subscribe Link, and then easily adding the show to Apple Podcasts.

If you have any of those apps installed, it's just as easy as clicking a button!

Listening on a desktop computer

If you are on a Windows desktop, you should start by installing iTunes as suggested above. If you're on a Mac, then Apple Podcasts / iTunes is preinstalled. Then, just as above, hitting the button will automatically launch iTunes. Take a look at the video below of adding the show onto Apple Podcasts on a Mac.

Adding a feed manually

If for whatever reason those links don't work for you, you can also add the feed manually to your preferred podcast app. To do this, simply copy the RSS feed URL and paste it into the app of choice.

Copy the RSS feed URL

Manually add a show to Apple Podcasts on a Desktop

  1. Simply go File > Add a Show by URL

  2. Paste the feed, hit Subscribe.

Manually add a show on Apple Podcasts on iPhone

  1. Open the Podcasts app.

  2. Tap Library.

  3. Tap Edit in the upper right corner, and then tap "Add a Show by URL..."

  4. Enter your RSS feed URL.

  5. Tap Subscribe.

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