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Sharing member access with your Patreon Podcast Subscribe Link
Sharing member access with your Patreon Podcast Subscribe Link
The best link to share with fans or members to connect them to your podcast's bonus content
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Once you have connected your account and podcast to Patreon, and you've assigned tiers to your episodes, what's next? Sharing it! To do this you'll want to share your Patreon Podcast Subscribe Link.

On your show page on Acast, you'll see the Patreon button on the left hand side. This is where you can find your Patreon Podcast Subscribe Link. 

This will look something like this: 

This is the link you should share with fans and members alike to encourage them to join your Patreon (if they're not yet members) or access your show (if they are).

How does it work?

When someone clicks the link, it prompts them to sign in with Patreon and checks their membership. If they are a member, then it gives them access to the show at the tier level they're entitled to. If they are not yet a member, if prompts them to sign up and become a member.

They will be prompted with several great podcast apps to use, or they can just grab the RSS feed for use in their own app, too.

HINT: If any members are having difficulty accessing their content, this is the best link to send them.

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