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As a Patreon Creator, how I can access my own show?
As a Patreon Creator, how I can access my own show?

How to listen to your show, just like your members.

Updated over a week ago

If you're a podcaster who is using Acast's Patreon integration, you already understand the benefits that it brings you as a Creator: you get to publish your content and manage your show conveniently from the Acast dashboard.

But you might also like to see how the experience feels for your members. So, we provide you, the Creator, with special RSS feeds for you to use in your podcast app.

Your Personal Patreon Feeds

You can find your Personal Patreon Feeds in the Promotional Tools tab for your show on Acast.

Open the Patreon section:

Then scroll down to Your Personal Patreon Feeds, and customise your test feed with the tier of your choice:

Remember, these RSS Feeds are for you, the creator, personally to listen to your podcast. You can add these to your personal podcast player apps. You should not share these links with anyone else, as they would be able to access content for free, forever.

If you are looking for the link to share with others, that's easy! It's your Patreon Podcast Subscribe Link, located on your show page on Acast.

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