How to move your podcast from Whooshkaa

How to move your show from Whooshkaa to Acast

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Migrating a show to Acast is a two-part process.

  • You need to import (copy over) all the episodes from your existing feed. You can follow up this guide with more information.

  • You then need to redirect the traffic from your old Whooshkaa feed to your new Acast feed. Only once you've done this is your show fully moved to Acast.

Important Note: Before you start the redirect process, log in to your dashboard and check your podcast to ensure all the episodes and settings are complete. If there are any issues, contact Acast Support before you proceed with the redirect.

Redirect your feed from Whooshkaa to Acast

  • Login to Whooshkaa here.

  • Select Shows & Episodes.

  • Click on Overview.

  • Click on Edit.

  • Find the Redirect from Whooshkaa and paste your Acast RSS feed there.

  • Click Update.

Important Note: We recommend keeping your old hosting account active for at least a month.

How to check if your redirect is complete

Whooshkaa may send you a confirmation if the redirect has been done. However, you can check it's been completed yourself by inspecting your RSS feed.

Open a new browser tab and paste your old RSS URL. If the redirect has completed successfully, you should be taken automatically to your new Acast RSS feed. Note: Google Chrome in Incognito Mode is recommended for inspecting RSS feeds.

If you have any issues, feel free to reach out on Intercom chat.

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