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How to connect Acast with Zapier
How to connect Acast with Zapier
Updated over a week ago

Zapier is probably one of the best apps to connect all your services. While we don't have an app out of the box, you can use our WebHook to connect Acast to Zapier.

It only takes a few steps:

Define your trigger

In Zapier, Look for "Webhooks" and select it as the trigger. Make sure you check "Catch Hook" in the configuration options;
Zapier will create a URL for you. It looks like the following:

Create your action

This part is totally up to you: you can choose Zapier to send you a SMS, send a MailChimp campaign, or even a weather alert! This action will be triggered each time you publish an episode on Acast.

Enable your Acast WebHook

On your podcast's page, click on the "Promotional tools" tab.
Enable "Webhook" and paste the URL that Zapier previously gave you:


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