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Automatic Mid-roll Ad Marker Insertion
Automatic Mid-roll Ad Marker Insertion
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If you choose to opt-in when applying to the Acast Marketplace, Acast can automatically place mid-roll ad markers at silent points detected by our software in your back catalogue episodes. Doing so increases your potential to generate revenue across all your episodes. Please note, this is a one-time process only offered during the initial onboarding to the Acast Marketplace and you maintain the ability to adjust the placement of these ad markers as needed. For help on how to adjust your ad markers, please see this learn article.

If you later decide not to use the automatic mid-roll ad markers, you can opt out by manually turning them off. Simply go to each of your episodes' settings page, find the Ad Markers section, and click 'Deactivate' next to the mid-roll marker option.

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