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How does Acast insert ads into episodes?
How does Acast insert ads into episodes?
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We use dynamic ad insertion to insert ads and sponsorships into your podcast. That means they’re inserted into your podcast at the right time, targeting the right audience, for as long as the campaign lasts in all of your shows’ episodes. It means that your podcast, no matter how far back your listens are taking place, will never present your listeners with an outdated ad for an irrelevant product — and that means you can continue to make money even from episodes published years ago.

When the user listens to a podcast at the point of download the file is called without the ad. Our Acast adserver provides the ad most suitable for the show -based on geo and context targeting- and it then stitches this together in the pauses allocated by our create tool or manually by the podcast producer. The result is an MP3 file distributed globally with the relevant ad built in.

Can I control where ads appear in my episode?

Absolutely! You will need to set your ad markers to control where ads appear in your episodes. Learn more here.

What is the best monetization strategy for me?

If you generate more than 500 listens/week or 2000 listens/month with your podcast you can apply for the Acast Marketplace via this form.

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