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Advertising - start with the basics
Advertising - start with the basics

Did you know that podcast advertising is highly effective?

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Let's start with the basics

Putting podcast company bias aside, it is actually proven that podcast advertising is highly effective. Research we conducted into the attention economy, alongside our partners at Differentology, showed that a massive 64% of people pay full attention to podcasts — compared to 49% of music streamers and 44% of radio listeners. This in turn means that 62% of respondents saying they’ve taken direct action following an advertisement they heard in a podcast. Also we’re continually rolling out even more effective podcast advertising targeting options — including the ability to target podcast conversations at as granular a level as individual episodes, all of which sharpens podcasting’s ability to… just work.

Since podcast advertising in the industry works well, we’re assured that advertising possibilities will continue to grow this year and the years to come.

How does advertising on Acast work?

There are 2 necessary components to podcast advertising


Inventory means the amount of advertising opportunities for selling ads in your podcast. As a Creator, your inventory is the amount of potential impressions that you can generate with your content.


Example: A listener clicks the “download” button on their app for your latest episode. All ads stitched into the episode are counted as impressions.

You just need to make advertisement slots available on their episodes (pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll slots) so that ads can actually be inserted. Learn more about this tool and discover the best monetization strategy here.

What kind of ads exist?


These are ads from the many excellent brands that work with Acast’s shows to get their message into podcasts. These ads are typically crafted by the advertiser themselves, and may feature some signature “voice”, tone, or music associated with that brand.


These are typically direct endorsements of the brand/advertiser, and these campaigns are often read by the podcast creator herself. Owing to this personal connection, these ads are usually suitable where the podcast has a large listenership.


Has the lowest delivery priority compared to ads and sponsorships. Used for cross-promotions of other podcasts at Acast or in-house ads.

What does Acast do?

We work to provide all things necessary to successfully monetize on Acast

Acast Marketplace

Acast Marketplace has become the home of podcast buying/monetization globally. It connects thousands of advertisers with creative podcasters (that's you!) and allows creators to attract advertisers and sponsors for their episodes and show(s).


Get paid by loyal listeners for your podcast with Acast+. Offer ad-free and exclusive content through monthly subscriptions and one-time purchases. Acast+ is free to use alongside your ad-supported podcast feed. Find out more here.

Acast Sales Team

Our colleagues here at Acast work around the clock to bring more advertisers to Acast. Podcasting is one of the, if not the most lucrative and attention grabbing media to reach your audience (much better than TV, radio, website ads, video streaming ads etc.). However, podcasting is a relatively new medium for advertisement and therefore many brands need to be convinced first.

Brand safety

And lastly, at Acast we make sure to protect the brand reputation of our podcasters and advertisers by ensuring best practices and aligning your podcast only with suitable, positive and non-confrontational brands.

Why are the brands looking to insert advertising campaigns with our podcasters?

Simply because of the robust and easy-to-use tools that help you reach your audience. If you want to know more about the available advertising tools, we recommend reading this interview.

Are you interested in advertising?

If monetization is a priority for your podcast, we want to help you meet those goals. Enrolling in Acast Marketplace is a great way to get started.

Keep in mind, the lower threshold for shows to join the Acast Marketplace is 500 listens/week or 2000 listens/month. You can verify your recent podcast listens on

And of course, if you have any questions please reach out to our support team via the website chat.

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