Campaign Delivery Report

Validating that your campaign was a success

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For pre-recorded ad campaigns, performance reports are available 48hrs after the campaign ends. To download a report, click on a completed campaign -

- and select "Create Report" on the right, then choose the format. Reports are available as spreadsheets (XLXS) and powerpoint slides (PPT).

Included in the spreadsheet version:

  • Impressions: the number of times your ad message was listened to.

  • Uniques: the number of unique listeners that heard your ad message.

We provide further breakdown of:

  • Impressions and uniques / date

  • Impressions and uniques / device category (desktops & laptops, phones & tablets...)

  • Impressions and uniques / podcast

  • Impressions and uniques / podcast category & demographics

The powerpoint slide provides a more high-level summary, while displaying the pace which the campaign delivered

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