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Grouping multiple shows together in Apple Podcasts

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In light of the recent changes with Apple Podcasts, another new feature is channels. Previously known as Apple Provider Pages, channels are a great way to group your shows together and provide an easy to navigate destination for your listeners.

What are channels used for?

If you are part of a network, channels are an ideal place for all of the podcasts within that network to be viewed in one spot together. That way listeners can find similar content that they'll likely enjoy all in a single destination. And if you're not part of a network, channels can still be a useful tool. Independent podcasts can collaborate by creating a channel based on similarities like theme, genre, fandom or whatever else brings those creators together.

Please note: each podcast can only be listed in one channel. So, bear this in mind before committing to have your podcast grouped in a channel.

Creating a channel

Creating a channel is easy and is done right within Apple Podcast Connect. From there, you will see a plus sign (+) which will allow you to create a new channel.

Podcast channels on Apple podcasts help you group shows

Once you give your channel a title, you'll be taken to customize the look of your channel. This is a great place to showcase your aesthetic and personality of your network or group of podcasts. Once you have customized your channel and added your podcasts, you may then submit your channel to Apple for approval. You can learn more about the process here.

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