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Best practices when creating artwork for specific episodes.

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Your podcast's cover art will appear in libraries such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify when potential new followers are browsing selections or shows recommended to them. But perhaps you've seen other podcasts create specific artwork on an episode-by-episode basis. So, what’s the difference, and is it right for your podcast and brand?

What is episode-specific artwork?

When publishing your podcast, you have the option to use a new image for each episode. Some podcasters choose to do so, while many decide to keep it simple and remain with the same, recognizable image every time.

Where is my episode-specific artwork displayed?

Followers of your podcast will see the episode-specific artwork displayed in their libraries when new episodes are released in most podcasting apps (please note: Apple Podcasts does not support episodic art).

The podcast Adulting is an excellent example. The main show art is distinct and each episode compliments the theme of the main piece, but features that week's guest.

What is the benefit of episode-specific art?

One of the benefits of differing each episode with specific artwork is that it will help your dedicated followers to identify exciting new content right away and pique their interest! For instance, if you have a highly recognizable guest on, face recognition is a great perk. Furthermore, if you connect with your community on social media platforms, new artwork related to each episode is a great way to keep your feed fresh, exciting, and relevant. It's also an asset that is ready for your guest to share on their own feed — which in turn increases your findability through their social presence.

Is it necessary to have episode-specific art?

In short: no, it is not necessary to have episode-specific art. There doesn't yet seem to be any known correlation between increased downloads and differing the art on each episode. If you don't have a social media presence or regularly have guests, it may not be worth the investment of time, especially since it will never be seen within Apple Podcasts (though it will be visible within most others!).

If you're considering this approach, try it out! See if it resonates with your following and community. You can always revert your cover art back to the original if you decide it doesn't work for your aesthetic.

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