When you add notes to your show or episode, you can add text, images, text formatting (like bold or italic) and hyperlinks.

These will appear on your Acast website exactly as you add them.

However, when it comes to the individual podcast player apps (such as iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher to name a few), the individual app determines how any notes or details will be displayed. 

Similarly, not all podcast apps will display your episode covers—only some podcast apps do. 

For example, some apps, like Spotify, remove all formatting, images and hyperlinks from your show notes. Other apps, like our very own Acast, preserve formatting and will display your episode cover correctly.

From left to right, here's Pocket Casts, Acast, and Apple Podcasts. They all include the hyperlink, but only Acast correctly displays the actual episode cover art.

Having difficulty seeing the right cover art or formatting in a podcast app? Try the Acast app for iPhone or the Acast app for Android for the best experience.

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