Subscriptions for Acast can be cancelled at any time. For the avoidance of doubt, any subscription fees already paid will not be refunded. If you decide that you want to cancel your account with us at Acast, first be sure to Review our terms of service. If you'd still like to cancel, fill out the form at the link below:

If you are a Acast+ listener, you can manage and cancel your subscription from

Reminder: You need to fill out the cancelation form at least 3 business days before your subscription renewal date.

Where can I find my subscription renewal date? Good question!

  1. Log into your Acast account.

  2. Navigate to "Subscription" and you can find it on the next page under "Upcoming Invoice" (see below).

NOTE: You will need to contact us at least 3 business days before that date in order for the cancellation to take effect before the subscription renewal date.

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