The Sources tab allows you to see where your listens happen - whether that's a specific podcatcher client or a website URL.

By default, the Downloads By Client section shows you daily listens by top clients over the last 30 days for all episodes. To see more clients, simply search by name and select.

Note: if your show has received 0 downloads from a client, it will not be available to select from the list.

The Referrals section lists any web-based listens. Clicking into any website will open a submenu that shows specific URLs that have requested an episode along with the number of listens for each.

Referrals include any website that contains either the Acast embed player or a direct link to audio files hosted by Acast. For instance, this includes listens on Spotify's web player.

All selected data is exportable as a Comma-separated Values file by clicking on the Export CSV button.

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