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How can I change the order of episodes?
How can I change the order of episodes?
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Change episode type from "episodic" to "serial"

Serial shows are designed to be listened to in sequential order: from the first episode to the last episode. Episodic shows are those that can be listened to in any order, though listeners are likely to play the most recent episode published.

You can change the episode type from the Settings page for the show. Please keep in mind that it might take a couple of hours before your episodes appear in the correct order after making the change.

How to change the episode order on an episodic show

The episode order on episodic shows is based on the publishing date and time, with the most recent episode appearing at the top. To change the order you will need to adjust the publishing date and/or publishing time on specific episodes. To do this, navigate to the publish settings for the relevant episode and click the field under "publish date”.

Your feed will be updated immediately once you hit "Publish changes" but it can take up to 24 hours for external platforms, like Spotify and Apple Podcasts, to reflect the change.

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