Audience Surveys: Audience FAQ
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What will happen to my data?

We will not ask you to fill out anything like name or e-mail address, and we don’t collect any other personal identifiable information - the results are anonymous.

The data will be used in aggregate to build a profile of the show’s audience, which will be shared along with other key show information with potential sponsors. The data may also be used to match brands more accurately across the Acast Marketplace as a whole, allowing for more targeted and relevant adverts.

What feedback will the show receive, will the host be able to see my answers?

The show will receive your feedback about the show as a summarized report generated by Acast. It will collect together the key themes and most common points, helping them understand what they are doing well and what can be improved.

Even though all information collected is anonymous, we will not share detailed responses with the show. This ensures we are protecting your privacy, and you can give feedback honestly.

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