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Introducing Headliner, our latest integration
Introducing Headliner, our latest integration

Looking to share your podcast on your socials? This article is for you!

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What is Headliner?

Headliner is our new integration that allows you to create audiograms to share on platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok. Easily align your branding with your shows: just look for the Video button in your episode settings and start sharing.

How does it work?

Sharing your show is easy with Headliner:

  • Select the episode you want to promote.

  • Decide the medium and size.

  • Choose your audio.

  • Create your visual.

  • Make final customizations.

  • Export and publish!

Find all the details and a demo video in this article.

Can I publish my entire episode with Headliner?

Yes! This tool allows you to create audiograms of different durations. Keep in mind that the maximum duration per video is 4 hours.

When creating your video from the Acast integration, it will default to a maximum of 10 minutes. If you want to create a longer video, just select the Check out Full Episode! option you'll see on the Headliner screen.

Remember that some platforms only allow videos of up to 60 seconds, depending on the strategy you're aiming for!

Can I automatically publish my episodes on YouTube?

Yes, with Headliner, you can set up the automatic publication of each new episode on YouTube. Find all the details in this article.

We're excited to share this integration with you, included at no extra cost in all our paid plans!

If you have any questions, contact us through the bubble chat.

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