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Create beautiful social media-friendly audiograms

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Sharing your podcast on social media is the perfect way to get your podcast into the eyes and ears of new listeners. And Acast's Headliner feature is a great tool to share short, engaging sections of your podcast called audiograms. Here's how to get started.

Step 1: Choose the episode you'd like to promote

Simply go into your preferred episode and click the "Video" button. You'll be prompted to choose this episode and taken to Headliner's dashboard.

Step 2: Decide what medium you'll use and pick a size

Different platforms have different size requirements. Headliner will prompt you to select a size. Don't worry if you're not sure which size to choose. Headliner will help you with suggestions below the shape options.

create social media friendly audiograms with headliner

Step 3: Select your audio

Next, you'll select the snippet of audio you'd like to use in your audiogram. Keep in mind that different platforms may have limits on how long your content can be (for instance: Instagram stories can be no longer than 15 seconds while Instagram feed videos can be up to 60 seconds). Check your duration and decide if you want captions on or not before clicking "Next".

Hot tip: Choose audio that will make viewers want to go to your episode and hear more. Try using an exciting story that cuts off before the end. Or you could use the setup of a joke and end before the punchline. Give them a reason to go hear the rest on your main feed!

Step 4: Create your visual

Here, you'll be prompted to select a cover image and customize your waveform. Headliner will automatically choose your episodic art or your show's cover art. You can replace this if you wish. Think of where you'll be using it and make sure the branding looks on-brand with the rest of your posts.

create audiograms with headliner for acast

Step 5: Make final customizations

If you opted to not have options, then you are done and you may export your video now. However, if you like you can make further customizations here. We suggest you check the spelling on your captions before exporting your audiogram. While Headliner's platform is usually very accurate, you want to ensure names or any uncommon words were transposed correctly. You may also add additional text or background music to your audiogram here.

Step 6: Export and publish!

Once you're happy with your audiogram press "Export". You can download or post directly to social media from your dashboard. And if you lose your download link, you can recover any audiograms you've made back in your episode details. Go to that episode's page in your Acast dashboard and press the "Video" button again.

We can't wait to see how you use this exciting new tool!

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