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How to change my account password?
How to change my account password?

Steps to change your podcaster account password

Updated over a week ago

There are 2 ways of changing your account password:

  • From your profile settings, once you log in, you can change your password by following the next steps:

    1. Log in to your account
    2. Go to your 'Profile settings' in the top right corner of your page

    3. Scroll down to 'Change password'

    4. Confirm your current password and set your new password

    5. Click on 'Update password'

  • You are also able to change your password via the login page by:

    1. Click "Forgot password?" after you submit your account email. This will send an email to your address on file so you can update your password. Make sure that you double-check your spam inbox and write the email in lowercase letters.

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