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AdCollab: How to create an effective Sponsorship read
AdCollab: How to create an effective Sponsorship read
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Sponsorship is an incredibly effective promotional tool that allows brands to reach your dedicated and loyal listeners. Brands can harness your trusted, respected and influential voice to help personally endorse a product

Delivering a message in this format relies on a read that conveys all the key information in a clear, concise and above all entertaining manner.

It is important you are comfortable working with the brand so always feel free to ask any questions you have about a brief.

Below are a few tips to help guide you!

  • Your sponsorship read will be appearing across all episodes of your show. It will run in either the pre, mid or post-roll of your podcast for a set number of weeks. Occasionally it can run in the pre and mid-roll to try and help advertisers resonate with your listeners.

  • Sponsorship reads are typically 60 seconds in length.

  • You will be provided with a sponsorship briefing which will contain 3 key points that you need to convey.

  • Include a clear call to action at the end of your read.

  • Try to include your personality and the things that make your podcast unique. You know your listeners better than anyone else and explain to them why you want to be sponsored by the brand.

  • Be creative! If you want to tell a story, sing a song or just say why you love the brand then go for it! 

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