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AdCollab: How do notifications work?
AdCollab: How do notifications work?
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An email notification is sent to all users connected to a show’s network when:

  • A new sponsorship invitation is created for your show(s).

  • A sponsorship invitation is significantly changed (e.g. the weeks it will run for).

  • A brief is uploaded for a sponsorship read - the expected action here is that you look at the brief, record the sponsorship read, and upload it by the deadline.

  • Revisions are requested on a sponsorship read - same actions, except there will be feedback available too.

  • A sponsorship read has been approved - no action needed, information only.

Notifications will be sent from Please check that you have exempted this email address from any spam filtering.

Notification emails from AdCollab look like the example below.

Notification preferences

To opt out of receiving notifications from AdCollab, go to your Account Profile (, and clear the “Sponsorship Manager updates” checkbox.

If you wish to turn notifications back on, return to your Profile and check the checkbox.

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