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Using AdCollab: Collab Invites
Using AdCollab: Collab Invites

Accessing Collab Invites

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Accessing Collab Invites

AdCollab is available through the AdCollab button, or directly by going to

Once there, click “Collab Invites” to switch to that section.

Using the platform

You are presented with a list of sponsorship invitations for your show - if you have multiple shows, you can switch between them using the toggle at the top.

You can filter the list of invitations via brand/advertiser, by the contact at Acast who has sent the invitation, and you can search names and descriptions using the search bar.

To view and respond to an invitation, click “Read more” in the bottom right.

When you view an individual invitation you can see an overview of the campaign, what will be required from you if it goes ahead (e.g. 1 x 60-second sponsorship read), and any additional info - for example, whether trial products will be provided.

You can also see the estimated revenue you will receive should the campaign go ahead. Please remember that this is not a guarantee - actual revenue will depend on how the campaign delivers.

To respond to the invitation, click one of the buttons in the top-right.

If you decline the invitation, you will be asked to tell us why you declined - so that we can ensure that future sponsorship requests are more closely aligned with your desires.

If you accept, you’ll be asked to confirm that you’re happy with what you need to do if the campaign goes ahead, and then you’re done!

Will the sponsorship definitely happen if I say ‘yes’ to an invitation in Collab Invites?

Not necessarily - campaigns are often ‘sense checked’ by Acast before the campaign has officially booked. Unfortunately advertisers sometimes do not go ahead, or opt to change their strategy before booking.

Can I change my mind after I have given a response in Collab Invites?

Yes, although for now you will be requested to email the Acast representative looking after the campaign to do this. This is purely as the process may not be straightforward and we want to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

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