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How to best use AdCollab

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Accessing AdCollab

AdCollab is available through the Sponsorships button, or directly by going to

You will see a dashboard like the below once logged in:

The top section shows you campaigns that start in the future.

The bottom section lists campaigns that have already started - note that there may still be “things to do” in this section, as a campaign may run for a whole year, but have multiple creative refreshes. In such cases there may be creatives to record for campaigns that are ongoing.

Once a campaign has finished, it disappears from the dashboard to avoid cluttering the user interface.

Campaigns that require action from you (i.e. uploading a sponsorship read) are flagged as action required.

Clicking on a campaign brings you to the campaign details screen (example below).

Here you can see the individual creatives for a campaign - one campaign may have one creative, or it may have several (e.g. the advertiser may be sponsoring multiple shows in your network, or they may wish to have the sponsorship audio refreshed part way through the campaign with new talking points).

The “status” can be:

  • Awaiting brief - the creative brief hasn’t been received by Acast yet, there’s nothing for you to do.

  • Needs host read - the creative brief is ready for you to review, and the next step is you uploading the host-read.

  • Awaiting approval - you have uploaded the sponsorship read, and it’s awaiting approval from Acast/the advertiser.

  • Revisions requested - the sponsorship read has been reviewed, and the advertiser has requested revisions. The next step is for you to upload a revised sponsorship read.

  • Approved - the sponsorship read has been approved. Nothing left for you to do.

When there is an action you need to take, click the relevant row in the Creatives table, and the actions drawer will appear.

An example of the user interface when a sponsorship read is ready to be uploaded.

An example of the dashboard when revisions have been requested. The requested revisions can be seen under the “Host-read” section, along with who at Acast requested them, should you need additional context.

Do I have to use AdCollab for every campaign?

No - we recognise that there may be campaigns or creatives where using the traditional email-based process with an Acast representative is easier. In such cases, nothing needs to be done in the product - the creative line will remain at “awaiting brief” and can stay that way without affecting anything.

How can I opt-out of AdCollab completely?

If you wish to opt-out of AdCollab and use the traditional email process for host-read production for all creatives, please contact Customer Success.

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