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How to use it and why its so powerful
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What are Nielsen Audience segments?

The Nielsen Data sets include demographic, psychographic, behavioural, purchase-based and media consumption information. Acast has packaged these into 15 so curated segments that we offer as targetable audience groups.

Audience segment

Auto Intenders / Owners

Business Leaders

Cord Cutters

Fast Food Consumers

Health & Fitness

High Income Earners

Higher Education

Home Owners



Pet Owners

Sports Fans

Tech Enthusiasts


TV Subscribers

How does it work?

  1. Acast IPs - We pass our listenership addresses to Nielsen

  2. Nielsen Matching process - Acast IPs are matched to Nielsen IPs

  3. Analyze behaviours - Online behaviors and interests mapped from IPs

  4. Audience segments Data driven audience segments for advertiser targeting

What Data Makes Up Our Audience Segments?


Nielsen Refreshes Brand, Logo Following NielsenIQ Sale


  • Which websites our audiences are visiting most

  • What time of day are they most active

  • If they have been looking at comparison websites etc


  • Answers are collected from panelists to create an AI driven prediction model that can be applied to other profiles and deliver scale


  • Credit card purchase data

  • Digital subscriptions (e.g. product release)

  • ‘Out of Home’ tracking (e.g. retail proximity)

How many should you select?

Acast recommends selecting 2-3 segments.

Why are they not available everywhere?

Due to privacy laws and regulations Acast can only offer Audience segments on some select markets:

  • United States

  • Canada

  • Australia (Coming soon)

  • New Zealand (Coming soon)

What do they cost?

Audience segments add 25% to your CPM.

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