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Brand Safety

We take brand safety very seriously. We have a 24 hour emergency support system which means in the unlikely event of a brand safety risk we can take down any commercial activity within the hour.

We also have contracts in place with our podcasters to safeguard against the use of malicious language, hate speech, bigotry etc. Furthermore, any Acast podcast that contains swear words or otherwise Explicit content is marked as E for Explicit where the majority of our impressions are served as a guide to ensure listener brand safety.


Podcasters are asked to disclose the general themes and categories to which their podcast belong and if there is any non-brand safe content we should be aware of (e.g. content that may be considered extremely graphic or hate content). Any podcast which does contain this type of content is not permitted to join the Acast Marketplace.

Acast fully and unconditionally reserves the right to remove any inappropriate content on the Acast platform, in our sole discretion.

  • We are a walled garden - we don’t allow just any podcast to join Acast’s Marketplace. Each podcast is vetted beforehand to ensure that they won’t breach our community guidelines and moral code (hate speech, bigotry, extremist views on any topic etc). Acast has refused to work with podcasters who have contravened this.

  • Acast is fully IAB compliant. We hold the highest level of IAB certification and are an advisory partner for the IAB podcast standards. The IAB even host their podcast with us!

  • The worlds largest and most trusted publishers who have the highest brand safety standard (BBC, The FT, The Economist etc) trust Acast to represent them in market.

Acast Categories



Sample Shows

American Football

A collection of podcasts that focuses on everything associated with NCAA and NFL football. Podcasts within this collection range from fantasy analysis and commentary to the history of the game.

The Fantasy Playbook Podcast, 5-Yard Rush


Want the scoop on all the latest skin-care science and hair, makeup, and beauty trends? Here's all the best podcasts with expert advice, top products, and celebrity beauty tips you need to get glowing.

Business & Finance

The top collection of business and finance focused podcasts including content from publishers like the BBC, Financial Times, the Economist, and more. Reaches an older, educated and affluent audience.


A collection of humorous shows that span across multiple genres. As the #1 most popular category for listeners, the Comedy collection reaches your audience in some of the top shows, including the likes of WTF with Marc Maron and Off Menu.

Curious Thinkers

From politics to science & tech to education, capture listeners' attention as they attempt to quench their thirst for knowledge.

Daily Briefing

A collection of Acast's top podcasts offering a daily look at breaking news, sports, entertainment, tech and more. Reaches an engaged, loyal audience who tune in every day for their podcast fix. It's a great way to align with listeners' daily routines.

Diverse Voices

This collection brings together all intersections of race, gender, class, sexuality, ability, and many other identities into one scalable collection. Although under one collection, this collection is made up of multiple individual communities and provides an inclusive environment where every voice is equal and heard.

Education & Learning

The shows within the Education & Learning collection intrigue the minds of intellectuals. These podcasts cover a range of topics related to science, foreign languages, history, and self-improvement from top publishers like The Economist to thought-leaders like Dan Snow.

Film & Entertainment

People who love film & entertainment LOVE film & entertainment. This is a highly attentive, tuned in audience who are eager to consume the latest in entertainment news and reviews. Genres include culture, television, comedy, true crime, and more.

Food & Drink

Food and food culture is thriving in the Instagram age we are living in. This is a collection of podcasts centered around food and how it relates to life, family, travel, and the many other ways other way it impacts our daily lives.


For football/soccer fans & player who want to keep up to date with the beautiful game. These shows may recap or predict matches, they focus on football culture, comedy, predictions and analysis

Games & Hobbies

This collection brings together podcasts for any and every hobby. Dungeons and Dragons fanatic? There's a podcast for you. This collection engages with those in pursuit of creative & artistic communities through informative & comedic shows.


The video gaming universe is a massive, tight knit network of passionate people. This collection of podcasts taps into fellow enthusiasts who host weekly/daily shows that talk all things gaming covering specific games along with updates in the industry and new tech.

Health & Wellness

With an increasing focus on mental and physical well-being, more people are turning to podcasts to inform their lifestyle. This collection focuses on health, fitness, meditation, and overall wellness from the minds of doctors, motivational speakers, yogis and everyone in between.


In the world of explorers, this collection reaches the history buffs out there. They strive to go beyond their own roots to understand the history and culture of others. When you travel, you are likely pursuing a personal interest or hobby, making the experience more rewarding.


For Hockey fans & players who want to keep up to date with the game and the world around the game. These shows may recap or predict matches or focus on Hockey culture, comedy, predictions and analysis.

Investigative Journalism

This collection of shows focuses on unveiling matters that are concealed either deliberately by someone in a position of power, or accidentally behind a chaotic mass of facts & circumstances. Podcasts within this collection analyze and expose the truth of the relevant facts and range from a light-hearted tone to serious journalism from top publishers like BBC News and The Guardian.


This collection focuses on the three states of leisure from leisure as time, leisure as activity and leisure as a state of mind. These podcasts are considered those that are not bound by the constraints of obligation and range from meditation, comedy, cooking & more.


A collection of Acast podcasts covering all things related to society and culture. Topics include food, pop culture, health and wellness, family living, travel, and much more. Often taking the format of hosts gossiping about their hobbies, listeners find these podcasts irresistible.


A collection of Acast’s top podcasting covering music. Whether you're interested in hearing your favorite artist discuss their sneaker choices, learning what it took to write a hit song, or are just a fan of the band Phish, there’s a show in the music collection for every music lover.

News & Politics

The shows within the News & Politics collection seek to inform all, but particularly those who have a professional or financial stake on politics and policy. These podcasts illuminate this influential audience with insight and authority.

Parenting & Families

Ever felt like you don’t have all the answers to parenting? Don't worry you're not alone! This collection of podcasts connects parents through the shared struggles and joys of raising children. Amazing podcasts that reach engaged listeners with families that cover topics ranging from serious discussions and health to more light hearted conversations and personal stories.

Reality TV

There's so much reality out there, how can one keep up? Don't worry, we've got you covered. This collection pulls together our most popular reality television podcasts that keep these engaged, loyal fans tuning in on a daily/weekly basis. Strong F25-45 skew.


This collection focusses on the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world. From astronomy through to life sciences, this group engages with intellectual and inquisitive podcast listeners

Self Development

This collection focusses on the internal pursuit of improving ones character and abilities. These podcasts are there to inspire, educate and provide value to the listeners personal development and cover topics around, mental, emotional and physical health.


This collection of shows explores the way people experience and express themselves sexually. Podcasts within this collection cover the biological, physiological, social and spiritual feelings and behaviors and is expressed in multiple tones from comedy to informative.

Society & Culture

This collection identifies groups of individuals that share the same beliefs to form distinctive communities. This collection allows you to be a part of the cultural conversations going on in society right now

Sport & Activity

Podcasts in this collection cover everything from exercise tips for go getters to game recaps, stats, and daily updates for sports fanatics.

Sport & Activity allowing gambling

Podcasts in this collection cover everything from exercise tips for go getters to game recaps, stats, and daily updates for sports fanatics. These shows allow gambling advertisers.


Podcasts are more than just a headline or a 140 character tweet. This audience tunes in to hear a longer form, crafted narrative that is rooted in the timeless art of telling a good story.


A collection of Acast's top podcasts focusing on technology, digital, media, and science. Reaching a forward-thinking audience, this collection includes top podcasts (Daily Tech News, The New Abnormal by the Daily Beast) with a loyal audience that tunes in every day or week looking for the latest news on all things tech.


Travel enthusiasts are always looking for the new, hot destination and tips for their trips. This collection of podcasts speaks to an excited, enthusiastic audience who has exploration on the brain and are eager to see the world. Genres range from travel, curious thinkers, history, culture, learning, and more!

True Crime

There's something about crime that always captures people's interest. This collection draws in the true crime fanatics who have an insatiable appetite for gripping stories of horror, crime, thrillers, and other macabre tales.

Young Affluents

A collection of shows that captures the attention of young, business savvy, affluent professionals. These podcasts cover all topics related to the business world and self-improvement.

Young Progressives

A collection of shows that captures the attention of young forward thinkers. These podcasters & listeners are curious, inquisitive and believe that they have responsibility for change to better tomorrow.

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