How to approach podcast advertising

This is all new for me and I want some tips

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Quick Tips for Planning Podcasts

Spice up your mix

Nominate a clear role for podcasting within the media mix (remember its strengths for engagement and brand building).


Focus on building a combination of reach and frequency to optimise your results.

Create audio messages specifically for the podcast medium

Create consistent audio assets that will appeal to the listener (most consumption is via headphones and in a less cluttered environment to radio, which means you don't need to shout about your brand to cut through). Ensure you consider the right tone of music, voice and streamline for the medium.

Allocate a reasonable budget

Ensure that you're allocating the right amount of budget to your campaign to achieve your goals. We've set a minimum of $250/£250/ €250 as the entry point into the wonderful world of podcast advertising. This is the beginning of your journey and by buying through Acast you're able to buy the level of advertising that is right for your business.

Measure your success

Consider how you'll measure the success of the campaign. Include a call to action, promotional code or something unique that you can directly link to your advertising campaign. This way, you can test and learn the most efficient and effective advertising budgets for your campaign.

We have advertisers who spend six figures running advertising campaigns on a global scale that appeal to a broad audience, and we have some spending the minimum threshold with a unique target audience and small user group. Both are successful and are right for their unique position.

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