What to send a production agency

I'm contacting a production agency to get help recording an ad message. What should I think about?

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Getting in contact with a production agency and requesting assistance with recording your creative message is easy.

Different agencies have different processes and some may require details not covered here, but the template below covers most cases and is a great start for the agency to understand what you're after.

Creative request template


Pick a name you can use to refer to this request. Example: My brand - August 22 - Fall campaign


What kind of money are you willing to spend?

  • Are you looking for the best possible production?

  • Are you on a tight budget and need something affordable?

Time & dates

When would you need this? If it's very urgent this is important for the agency to know.


  • Describe you brand and the product

  • Describe the purpose if the campaign

  • If you have creative ideas, describe them

  • Describe the audience you want to reach


The text you want the voiceover artist to read. For more tips on what a good ad should include, read this article.


  • Keep the script to 70 words or fewer.

  • Acast requires ads to be 30 seconds or under.


Instructions to the production team and the voiceover artist.

  • Tonality: Serious, playful, funny, curious. Any clues to in what manner you want your add message to be read and perceived.

  • Script read: Do you want your ad message to be read verbatim, or can the voiceover artist take liberties and go off-script?

  • Duration: How long should the ad be? Important: Acast requires ads to be 30 seconds or under. A good length is between 15-30 seconds.


The language you want the ad to be read in. For languages spoken in many countries (for example English and Spanish) it helps to specify a country, too.

Voice artist

  • Age (adolescent, young, middle-aged, senior)

  • Gender (male, female, gender neutral)

  • Dialect (if local dialect matters, try and specify this, too)


If you want music in your ad message (recommended), specify what type of music you have in mind. If you have your own music, you can supply via MP3 file as an attachment.

NOTE: You must have the commercial right to use any music you supply.

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