I don’t have an audio file… where can I get one of those?

Acast partners with several agencies that can help produce ad messages. You can read more about them below.

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Creative Media Design aka CMD (NY, US)

Cost-efficient and quick turnaround. Require you create your own script.

Languages: EN (US & UK)

Website: https://www.cmdnyc.com/

Contact: Lia Perretti (lia@cmdnyc.com) and Skylar Laarouchi (skylar@cmdnyc.com)

Creative Fix (London, UK)

Full-service production agency. Require a slightly bigger budget. Large selection of voice artists. Music beds if requested.

Languages: EN (US & UK)

Website: https://creativefixaudio.com

Contact: Aaron Matthews (aaron@creativefixaudio.com) and Jack Allen (jack@creativefixaudio.com)

Voicemachine (Stockholm, SE)

Full-service production agency. Can accommodate high-quality creative productions as well as quick, affordable creative reads. Large selection of in-house voice artists. Music beds if requested.

Languages: Most languages

Website: https://www.voicemachine.com/

Contact: peo.drangert@voicemachine.com


Languages: Swedish (but collaborates with other agencies for several other languages)

Website: https://efterklang.org/services/studio/

Contact: alexander.kassberg@efterklang.se

Nordblom Media

Languages: Swedish

Website: https://www.nordblommedia.se/

Contact: daniel@nordblommedia.se, anton@nordblommedia.se

Media Generation GmbH (Cologne, DE)

Languages: German
Website: www.media-generation.de

Contact: Dave Krischke (d.krischke@media-generation.de)

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