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How do I cancel my Acast+ membership?
How do I cancel my Acast+ membership?

For listeners wanting to cancel their Acast+ subscription

Updated over a week ago

We understand that circumstances change. That's why if you need to cancel your plan, simply head to

Please note: If your dashboard is showing no membership or 'no active content' this is usually due to logging in with a different ID then was used at setup (e.g. Email login vs Apple ID). You can find more information here.

Canceling your membership

  1. Sign in on your account via

  2. You can cancel your membership by clicking on "Cancel membership" and following the prompts.

  3. Hit cancel and confirm the cancelation.

  4. When canceling your membership, you'll continue to have access to your bonus content until the end of the billing cycle. The date will be displayed within your members dashboard.

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