How Often Should I Release Episodes?

Keep a consistent schedule to grow a consistent following.

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Think about your favorite podcast. Our guess is that you know when their new episodes are released and look forward to that day. Don't you want your new followers to do the same? Then we want you to keep one word at the top of your mind: Consistency. Consistency. Consistency.

What is a realistic schedule for you to stick to? Once a week? Twice a month? Before you release your first episode, choose your scheduling and stick to it. If your format allows, record several episodes in advance. Then, utilize Acast's scheduling tool to make sure you never get behind and miss a release date.

schedule your podcast episode with acast dashboard

What If I Miss A Scheduled Episode?

Life happens! If you must miss a routine episode release, communicate with your followers via your social media platforms. Or, if you plan to take a short break (many creators will take a few weeks off around the holidays) make sure to mention your planned time away in the episodes leading up to your break. Being open and communicating with your followers will go a long way in building your community of fans!

3 key takeaways for scheduling your podcast episode

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