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Hiding your show: iTunes block tags
Hiding your show: iTunes block tags

Remove your show from podcast catalogues

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This feature is available for paid users. If you are not sure what kind of user you are, reach out via Intercom chat.

What is the iTunes block tag?

If you want your show to not be visible in Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts public catalogue, this can be done by adding the iTunes block tag.

This is how you are able to simply make your feeds 'private', meaning that podcatchers will not make your show visible in their public catalogues. The iTunes block tag will also work for Google Podcasts, and any third party apps that pull shows from these directories.

Existing subscribers will still be able to access the show and listen from their own libraries as normal. New subscribers can add the show to their libraries by adding the RSS feed manually into their library.

Once the block tag has been added, it will appear in your RSS feed as this:


How do I add the iTunes block tag?

If you would like to add the iTunes block tag to your feed, please contact the Acast customer success team using the Intercom chat.

How do I remove the iTunes block tag?

If you would like to remove the iTunes block tag, please reach out to the customer success team. Please note that different podcatchers can save or 'cache' this setting in their systems for a period of time before refreshing - we advise refreshing your feed in Apple's Podcast Connect to force the show to update and reappear in the catalogue.

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