Note: At this time, only the Ongoing tab is available. Future updates will include the Payouts tab that shows past revenue and the Upcoming tab that forecasts future revenue. If you’re interested in getting access to the Revenue tab, please reach out to your local content manager.

The Revenue tab shows an estimation of ad revenue that your shows have generated from campaigns booked by the Acast sales teams. Campaign Manager revenue from booked campaigns is excluded.

You can view revenue for Yesterday, the last 7 days or the last 30 days. All data is refreshed daily. Three indicators are displayed:

  • Audio Ad Revenue - Revenue from Audio Ads. Usually non-host read

  • Sponsorship Revenue - Revenue From Sponsorships. Usually host-read

  • Total Revenue - Audio Ad + Sponsorship revenue

On the left, you can view the top brands sorted by revenue. You can click on the See All Brands button to view all brands for the selected period. For each brand, the following info is displayed:

  • Brand Name

  • IAB category

  • Estimated revenue

On the right, you can also view the top shows ordered by revenue. You can click on the See All Shows button to view all shows for the selected period.

The All campaigns table shows all campaigns that were booked during the selected period, the shows they ran in and the revenue they generated.

All selected data is exportable as a Comma-separated Values file by clicking on the Download Report button. You can filter the report by Date, Show and include the following categories:

  • Top brands by revenue

  • Top shows by revenue

  • All campaigns

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