Flex: The Prepend

The key to the Acast ecosystem

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Once you have confirmed that your RSS feed meet the requirements for Flex, you can prepare your audio files to be imported and delivered through the Flex system.

Once an RSS feed has been onboarded onto Flex, a prepend on the enclosure URL triggers the Flex import process of the episode, and directs download requests towards towards Acast.

The Prepend


[protocol] : Flex is compatible with both http and https protocols - see FAQ

flex2.acast.com : Standard domain for all Flex content, pointing to the Acast CDN

/s/[show-id]/u/ : The unique ID for the show. This will be set during the onboarding of a feed and should not change within the lifetime of the show.

sourceurl.com/source.mp3 : Original enclosure URL of your file.



<enclosure url="https://audio.medianews.com/2019/11/04-53847-medianews.dailyshow.20191105.EOG.episodename.mp3" length="50463749" type="audio/mpeg"/>


<enclosure url="https://flex2.acast.com/s/[show-id]/u/audio.medianews.com/2019/11/04-53847-medianews.dailyshow.20191105.episodename.mp3" length="50463749" type="audio/mpeg"/>

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